Infinity Gauntlet's Psychedelic Thriller

"Pistol Opera 4" is the latest in Infinite Gauntlet's series of grimy cinematic beat albums. This head space ain't for the faint. It's a bad acid trip with a boom bap soundtrack full of suspense. You have no choice but to ride it out, and that's the magic here- you can't turn away. These psychedelic soundscapes paint scenes of hidden city blocks and ominous shadows. This is as analog as streaming music gets, and it's refreshing to hear the vinyl grit and hiss absent in most modern music. And that ghostly ambiance is just as important as the over-driven snare cracks and staggering rhythms. It pulls you in and has you looking over your shoulder and walking a bit faster down the alleyway. Never a dull moment, "Pistol Opera 4" is an adventurous listen. From the raw electricity of Hotwired Harley Davidson, to the sporadic bursts of jazz sax and swirling horns on UFO In Harlem, this collection keeps you guessing. Infinity Gauntlet aka Scvtterbrvin, is also a prolific emcee and battle rapper. After you listen to Pistol Opera 1-4, check out his other work with Red Lotus Klan.

Artist: Infinity Gauntlet aka Scvtterbrvin

Label: R.L.K. (Red Lotus Klan)

Locale: San Diego, CA

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