Disasterpeace's 8-Bit Arcade Funk

"Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar " is like dropping acid in the late 1980's, getting transported into an arcade game, and being chased down by Moblins and Octoroks with one life left and no more quarters. Heart thumping 8-bit chip tunes reinforced with full body bass and subs for extra effect, this high-fantasy action adventure music is a nostalgic anxiety inducing joyride. But like most dangerous things, it has an addictive quality. It is a strangely refreshing sound next to the EDM of today, with the stripped down aesthetic; an honesty not masked by overly designed wobbles and bass drops. If you survive the first few levels you'll be rewarded with arcade funk worthy of a post Punch-Out party. No question, this is well-crafted music and a very exciting listen. And if you're a child of the 80's like me, you'll appreciate waking your 8-bit brain receptors from their long slumber and indulging them in an effortless albeit stressful victory over the final boss of your choice. Game Over.

Artist: Disasterpeace

Label: Independent

Locale: Berkeley, California

#music #album #indie #berkely #california #chipmusic #8bit #experimental #chiptunes #gamemusic #spacerock #arcade #funk #disasterpeace

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