French Producer Mr.Sample's Anti-Gravity Dance Party

Mr.Sample's new album Basslive is a hyper focused space odyssey. The detail on each track is worthy of a full album listen. His sample chops of rap vocals tastefully move the album along. He music exists in what seems like an anti-gravity room, but bounces us back to Earth just before we breach the atmosphere. Mr.Sample's palette is vast within the electronic music genre, masterfully using sub-genres of Dubstep, 2step, Juke, Trap, and Breakbeat to create his world... and even gives a sonic nod to O.G. (original genre) grandfather Dub on the track Dub Machine.

Artist: Mr.Sample

Label: Independent

Locale: Lyon, France

#music #breakbeat #album #france #electronic #dubstep #2step #trap #MrSample

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