Sleeve↓ Bridges Celestial Landscapes With Earthly Textures

Sleeve↓ new album bridges celestial landscapes with earthly textures to create an atmosphere not of this planet. Sleeve's Bridges EP is a rhythmic dance of textural foley and subtle movie score music fit for a solitary space traveler; slowly entangling around the listener. Once the dance begins you're transported by eerily familiar sounds that you swear you've never heard before. It's a contemplative walk through the shadows of the moon surface- not all dark, but anchored in a real place where anything can happen. The song "Burn" begins with a what sounds like a machine winding up in an abandoned building; water dripping, echoing off cement walls. A hypnotic build that feels like something is nearing, the synths and drums drop in just in time to carry you away.

Artist Name: Sleeve↓

Label:Liquid Geometry, STYLSS

Locale: San Diego, CA

#music #electronic #sandiego #sleeve #bass #bassmusic

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